Good evening all!!!

I am very excited about the progress we have been making with our Thespian Troupe over the last couple of years. It has been a very exciting time and so much has been taking place, it is hard to keep track.

This last year was the first time we have taken Freshmen to our State Festival. We took 43 students and it was such an incredible experience!! It went so much better than I had even imagined and I was so proud of the way every single student represented themselves, their troupe, their school, and their families!

This process provided a couple of benefits:
It gave students such a great opportunity to see what the festival was all about.
It gave us the opportunity to let anyone go who wished to attend, and required students to audition for a competition slot.

So, for the first time, instead of finding a way to utilize everyone who attended, it required students to truly prepare and compete for a slot for competition. And, as a troupe, this paid off immensely!

Prior to this last summer, we have received one (1) Superior Rating at the National Level in GRHS history.

This past summer, we took 9 events to State, 7 qualified for Nationals, and we came back with five (5) Superior Ratings at the National Level!

This year, we have even more excitement. For the first time, I am allowing Freshmen to audition for a slot for competition.

I know that some are having some real questions about what this all looks like. I am hoping the following information will help.

Please be sure to follow each link and read the info. Finally, please make sure you are completing the survey.

EVERYONE MUST COMPLETE THE SURVEY!!!! You have until Friday, August 31, 2018 to finish this survey!


Attached:  A cheat sheet about the Thespian Festival:  Thespian Stuff

Link: Here is a website on the State Thespian Festival:

Each year, Texas Thespians host a state-wide festival which includes over 7,000 delegates. As one of the largest annual Thespian festivals where theatre is everywhere, students and their troupe directors will celebrate an entire weekend of theatre this coming November 15-18 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.

REQUIRED SURVEY: Here is a Google Doc that you MUST fill out concerning the State Festival:

You must complete the document to indicate your intention to attend the ITS Convention in Grapevine on November 15-17, 2018. Anyone can (and should) attend this festival. The experience is incomparable. Ask others. However, your intention to attend the festival in no way secures you a slot for competition. There are limited slots and we have reached the point where the best, and most prepared, will receive the slots. Previous participation, or even National Qualification, will not guarantee you a slot.