Good evening all.

I know there have been some communication glitches as the school year has begun.

What has become clear is that, somehow, I have been under communicating. This is not something I am oft accused of doing! ūüė≥¬† I have been trying to not inundate anyone with too much information.¬† As a result, I have only been putting some info where it belongs – like the deposits and total cost for Thespians only going in the Thespian Survey. But, some people have contacting me to let me know they missed information.

So, I want to try and avoid.  I am going to list everything I have moving forward below. I will title each section. Feel free to skip if it does not apply to you.  ALL of this information will be covered tomorrow night.  What is important to know about all of this Рcommunicate with me!  Anything is possible to work out!

  1. WEBSITE!Okay, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS! But, I am so excited about this, I am beside myself! Thank you, eternally, to Mr. Don McGee, who has created this website for the Longhorn Players. He has, also, offered to help me set up my CHARMS account (when I get it from the district) so all payments are easier and trackable!  But, for now Рhere is the site he is building. I will tell you when we can share it across the globe!!! :
  2. 2018-19 LONGHORN PLAYERS CALENDAR:  So, I think I discovered something new РРwe are going to try it here. Instead of adding people to the calendar, which always seems to cause issues, I found out you can share a link!  So, we will try it here and see if it works!  This calendar is for events throughout the year. As with all calendars, it is a fluid entity and subject to change. But, if it works this way, you will be able to add it and always see the most up-to-date info!  The link is:
  3. BOOSTER MEETING! РTomorrow, Monday, September 10th, 2018 РThis is an ANNUAL EVENT РOur first meeting of the year is right after Open House. We have found that this is the best night Рand the night we, traditionally, get most parents involved.  So, we will run through open house and then start 7th, repeat 8th, then continue once everyone is back together.  This should be in the Theatre, will confirm tomorrow once Dr. Black clears us.
  4. PAST DUE РWhen I mention this, I am only speaking of dues from previous years that have not been covered. I am working on those now and will send them out. Those who are new to the program have no Past Due amounts.  The Longhorn Players are currently functioning in the Red, so, when you hear me discuss this, that is why.
  5. MUSICAL FEES¬† – SEUSSICAL, October 18-21 – Every year for the musical, there are fees that are assessed based on the needs of the musical. Out of these fees, we cover shirts, food, costumes, royalties for the musical, consultants (musicians, choreographers), etc.¬† In addition to the musical fees, there is an expectation that students/families will, also, sell ads for the Playbill. This is a great way to help pay for the production of the Playbill’s (last year’s cost for Playbills was about $2300). All fees are due ASAP. The Ads are due to Ms. Baker by the 18th!¬†¬†The fees this year are as follows:
    1. GRHS Ensemble:
      1. Fees – $125
      2. Ad Sales – $50
    2. Youth Ensemble:
      1. Fees – $75
      2. Ad Sales Р$25 
  6. THESPIAN FESTIVAL- Gaylord in Grapevine, TX, November 15-17, 2018 РThis is, again, an annual event. It is the largest state Thespian Festival in the country. This is a festival where we celebrate the Thespian in Texas. It is a combination of conference, training, and competition with 8000 high school theatre students around the state. Students spend 3 days in Grapevine participating in workshops ranging for Choreography of HAMILTON, to improv classes, audition training, specialized makeup and design courses, technical training Рpretty much anything someone can imagine that students benefit from attending. They watch shows from around the state. There are vendors there with clothing, paraphernalia, scripts, books, specialty items. Students compete for a slot at Nationals in performance and technical events. Students interview for scholarships; they audition for colleges. They spend a weekend with students from around the state who are just like they are, who have the same interests they do, who reinforce that their interests are not so different than so many others.  And, they create! And they celebrate! And they belong! The fees are as follows:
    1. There is a $100 deposit to be submitted by September 7th.  If this has passed, and you missed it, just let me know and we will work it all out.
    2. The total amount for the festival is, roughly, $325, depending on the students participation in competitions, scholarships, and college auditions.  This total amount is due ASAP.  This fee covers transport, some meals while in attendance, t-shirt, competition, auditions, shows, accommodations, and special events (Ice Show).
  7. JV TOURING SHOW – this show is one we are putting together this year for the first time. I haven’t announced to the students yet (but, I guess this is it), we are doing a show centered around the theme of TRAVEL.¬† Since it will be something we tour with, and our first one, I think it is the ideal theme. It will include scenes, music, and dance. While it is, most certainly, something we work on in class, it will be something we do outside of the course. And we will be traveling with it. There will be a $35 fee to offset the cost of the occasional meal and shirts for the show.¬† This show is for JV students only.
  8. CHILDREN’S SHOW – HAROUN AND THE SEA OF STORIES: This is the Children’s show that we travel to elementary schools¬†and perform in an evening performance in December. There is a $35 fee associated with this to offset the cost of royalties, shirts, costumes and props for the show.
  9. ONE-ACT PLAY: This play is our UIL competition show for the year. Based on criteria handed down by the state, we are only allowed 24 people involved in this show, max. The fees for this show are $50. The show is for the Varsity students only.
  10. SCOTLAND 2019 РOkay folks, here is the scary one.  Yes, this trip is pretty dad-gum expensive!  Everyone is feeling a great deal of pressure on this one. I have been working with American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF) to work out a scheduled payment plan for everyone. The original payments had the first one scheduled in July Рwe were not ready for that. But, while the original did skip some months. The one I worked out makes each payment a bit more palatable.  Here is what I can tell you about this one:
    1. The boosters have been working on some AMAZING fund-raisers!
    2. The District and the Director of PVA are 100% behind this.
    3. Everyone is working on ways to make this a reality!
    4. It is going to take All Hands On Deck!
    5. IT IS 100% DOABLE!!!!!
    6. The following is the payment plan I have worked out. Keep this in mind Рthere is flexibility with this! The main thing they care about is communication!  And we will discuss this more tomorrow night. The total cost will be between $5200 and $6200.
      1. September 21, 2018 $200.00 per person
      2. October 19, 2018 $500.00 per person
      3. November 19, 2018 $500.00 per person
      4. December 21, 2018 500.00 per person
      5. January 18, 2019 $500.00 per person
      6. February 18, 2019 $500.00 per person
      7. March 15, 2019 $500.00 per person
      8. April 19, 2019 $600.00 per person
      9. May 17, 2019 $600.00 per person
      10. June 14, 2019 Remaining Balance Due

This is a lot of info. BUT! Please save this. Or look for a good Key Word that you can search for in the future.

I hope this helps in terms of seeing the year laid out for you!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

L. Jay Edenmeyer

GRHS Theater Arts