Good evening all!

So much information for you tonight.

Let’s start here:

ALL: I am working on getting ALL of your payments registered, recorded, submitted for deposit, and receipts out to you! I have, recently, received an account with CHARMS and have a parent (Don McGee) working with me to get this process moving. In the meantime, I am operating on multiple spreadsheets and a manual receipt process to get everything registered. Please, have patience with me as I get this processed.

WEBSITE! Truly amazing work!


  1. Please make sure you are getting all of your fees and dues submitted!
  2. Please begin sharing the attached JPG of the poster design on your social media! I am very excited about this show. Your students are doing amazing work!!!! The more you share, the larger our audiences!  You can also share the Seussical page on this website, using the sharing buttons at the bottom of the page.
  3. PARENTS WHO SEW!!!! – Please feel free to come up between 3-6 Mon-Wed and help with some of the alterations needed to make this show come together! Even if you can only come up to get some directions and take some work home!
  4. There will be a link coming out soon for you to volunteer for spots for the week of the show. ALL HANDS ON DECK!
  5. Posters coming out soon. Will need all on board to get word out!
  6. CHECK THE CALENDARS!!!! Only next week is valid, as of now, but ONLY online!!! Nothing printed prior to RIGHT NOW is valid!



  1. Yes, there is some really exciting information flying around! You were NOT misinformed – the new price for the trip is $3995! A really incredible opportunity for all!
  2. Fundraising is about to explode! Jump in and let’s make this happen!
  3. More information coming soon about the show we will be approaching!
  4. A new survey will come out soon to determine how many we are looking at taking on this trip of a lifetime!
  5. $5100 is due (as a group) by October 31 – and our Fundraising team has more than enough opportunities to make that happen coming up!



  1. To say that the decisions that had to be made were extremely difficult are an understatement!
  2. We will be working hard in our spare time to insure that all students are ready to step forward!
  3. I am excited about the troupe we are taking this year – ALL OF THEM!
  4. Yay! We are booked in The Gaylord this year! Though it does add $10 to our total due.
  5. Please make sure you are getting your total payment in by October 8th!

So much going on! All of it amazing. So excited about everything this year is bringing!

L. Jay Edenmeyer
GRHS Theater Arts