2019 UIL One Act Play – Sometimes, Just a Second

It’s a new millennium. Much has changed… in our world… and others. In a place thrown upside down, Alice discovers the familiar is, sometimes, more alarming than the extraordinary and the unknown has the caress of family. A Land of Wonder serves as backdrop for this journey, at once recognizable and alien, where a young girl must discover how little she knows of herself before she can embrace how much she understands the universe. This modern re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale is a testament to the perseverance of story, power of music, and humanity’s endurance.

Come out and let us take you on a journey both real and fantastical; follow as young Alice finds herself seeking to discovery her way back home…and struggle with the reality that hurled her into a world both strange and familiar, deadly and safe, finding comfort in the chaos, and realizing demons come from without and within.

Cast and Crew

Marc/Mock Turtle – Ethan Brandt
Pepper/Duchess – Ainsley McGee
Alice – Paige Klase
Rusty/Red Queen – Reagan Scott
Dora/Dormouse/Radio Voice – Karson Weigl
Harry/Hare – Adam Marand
Milt/Mad Hatter – Tate Mangum
Luna/Mahalo – Karli Pierson
Jack – Cyrus Fontenot
Dinah – Trinity Moody
White Queen – Emma Bolduc
Shawna – Ann Schnitger
Sher – Bella Gonzales
Sheila – Julia Mohr
Shamar – Babacar Ba

Camron Carr
Josie Chi
Jacori Gray
Nathan Nguyen

Stage Manager – Charis Christy
Lights – Riley Halford
Projections – Marissa Gittens
ASM – Amber Richey
Sets/Props – Julia Yelvington

District Competition


Show:  Alternate, by split decision
Paige Klase: Best Actress
Emma Bolduc: All Star Cast, Honorable Mention
Marissa Gittens: Best Technician